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Friends of the Darby Library

In 1999,  when the Library Board decided to purchase land for a new library, several community leaders realized that a fund-raising organization should be formed to help the project. The Friends of the Darby Library (FODL) was founded as an all-volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the Darby Library as an important community resource by generating adequate financial and communal support for the library through fundraising, advocacy and promotion.

Friends of the Darby Library has established an endowment fund for the library to assist in its operations and various programs. The endowment fund is funded with proceeds from the annual "Big Sky Wine Fest", an evening of wine tasting sponsored by FODL. The organization also raises funds through the "Garage-a-rama", a bi-annual garage sale to which everyone in the community is encouraged to donate items to be sold. The proceeds from this event have funded summer reading programs, youth programs and "Books for Babies".

An "open house" at the library held on a regular basis is organized and hosted by FODL. For this event the community is invited to visit the library and explore its facilities, while enjoying refreshments and door prizes.

For the Christmas holiday season, FODL decorates the evergreen tree at the library entrance with lights dedicating the star atop the tree to a person who has proven invaluable to the Darby Library.

To further its mission, Friends of the Darby Library has created a Partnership Council that is comprised of members of the greater Darby community who function as interested ambassadors by promoting the services, features and needs of the library. Partnership Council members can involve themselves in the success of any library project, program or event by lending their expertise, talents and enthusiasm.

What's YOUR role?

If you would like to help our efforts, but do not have the time to become actively involved, you can become a Contributor to the Friends of the Darby Community Public Library. If you are interested in joining us in the work we do, you can become a Participating Member. Your role can be whatever you like.

How do I contribute or join? Contact

Want to learn more about getting involved in this community through the library?

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